Not all our students are on social media so here are a few testimonials you might not have seen. Otherwise, you can look up more here

[testimonial] Hobby Farm Fun when the Dog is Trained

 Dear Joe & Linda, Fall is the season of football, pumpkins, rain and the trimming of sheep hooves for the winter.  We live on a 30-acre “hobby farm” near Eatonville Washington.  We have a horse, a burro, eight sheep and chickens.  For more years than I care to admit the task of getting our sheep into the barn, into a stall, was a major operation.  I would get all the gates set for the proper closing sequence and lure them into the pen.  Eight large sheep can make for a long parade; the first ones in send the message of a trap to those outside and the rodeo begins.  Getting seven out of eight sheep in the pen was a major victory.                                                                      

Four years ago, we came to Ewe-topia with a 4-month-old border collie puppy and a glimmer of hope that some of our sheep management problems might get simpler.  I am delighted to say that this year getting the sheep into the barn is no longer a problem.  Bonny can now bring them from the pasture into the barn and hold them while I close the gate.  Bonny’s technique is not the best (she does like a good rodeo) but we get the job done. 

Older man with a Border Collie herding three head of sheep at Ewe-topia

Ewe-topia also offers agility classes for dogs.  We have a miniature poodle who decided herding sheep was not interesting, but she loves the agility events.  My wife works with Bonny and I work with Sylvie.  Our dogs look forward to going to Ewe-topia and offer up a little yip when we turn into their drive.  In the several years we have been coming to Ewe-topia, I have formed a closer bond with both Bonny and Sylvie.  We also get comments on how well behaved our dogs are.

 With the knowledge and patient understanding of Joe, Linda, Annette, and all the staff, Bonny and I are working on bettering our communication skills.  Ewe-topia is a special place that allows us to work on the different levels and aspects of herding and agility with help from a caring group of instructors.  Thank you Tom from Eatonville WA

[testimonial] Long Time Student and her 25 years of successfully competing with Ewe-topia training.

Linda Leeman, Clare Lovett, Judge Ron Fisher, Risk a black and white Shetland Sheepdog & Judge Nancy Ward
Risk receiving his High Sheep award from judges Ron Fisher and Nancy

Ewe Topia has been a big part of my life for 25 years. I’m usually there twice a week.  I consider the owners, Joe and Linda to be very good friends of mine.  Two of my Shetland Sheepdogs I handled to Herding Championship titles.  Linda has been training my 1 1/2-year-old, Risk since he was 7 weeks old.  On March 30th, 2019 in Battleground Wa. Linda handled Risk in his first trial at the Sheltie national specialty.  Risk did well earning a 4th place on started sheep and a 1st place on started ducks.  High in Trial ducks and High combined sheep and ducks!!
If you had any doubts about going to Ewe-Topia, put them aside.  I think you will love it there.  I know I do.
Tacoma, WA.

[testimonial] Great Dog Birthday Party — for humans too!

“I recently had the pleasure of holding my Dog, Kenobi’s first birthday at Ewe-topia.  Here is what I expected… I expected to be bored, as this was about the dogs, not me.  I expected to get muddy.  I expected it to only take about an hour (I was told that the dogs would go in the arena once each for about 10 minutes.), and I expected it to be somewhat disorganized.

Boy, was I wrong.  When I arrived, I first noticed the beautiful landscaping and scenery.  They wide open space that allowed the dogs to really run was fantastic, and we really had a great time (yes, the humans did too!)  Linda and Joe were so wonderful with the dogs.   They were very patient, and thorough in explaining everything they were doing, and how it affected the dogs.  I expected to be bored, but instead, I had a blast!  It was so cool watching my beloved pets in the ring with the sheep, chasing and herding them, and Kenobi did so good!  I thought for sure, he would nip and bite, but he was the perfect example of a beginner herder, and needed little coaching.  We all had a blast playing, and spending time together, and we had a picnic shortly afterwards, as the dogs relaxed. 

After all was said and done, all of the dogs received certificates showing they had herding instincts, and there was a big ceremony!  Thank you so much Joe and Linda, for allowing me to experience something so wonderful!  I look forward to coming back”. Judith P.