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See Linda to pick up a copy of Patience the Herd Dog or to order custom embroidered ball caps, polo & t-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.

We occasionally have duck eggs or handmade leashes for sale too!

Special Services

Ewetopia is the perfect dog-friendly environment for your next club meeting.

For a herding vacation There is limited RV parking and camping on the farm (no hook ups) and in the neighborhood.  There is also the dog-friendly Prairie Inn in Yelm.  When you are not herding, the area is full of great things to do.

For clubs Dog related clubs and businesses as well as private parties and agriculture groups  may book Saturday mornings at Ewetopia for herding instinct tests, meetings and related events. Over fifteen dog clubs, including 4-H kids, use the facilities to try out herding, lure coursing in the big field, obedience, weight and sled pulling, carting and any other dog related sport they wish.

For breeders and owners Litters of puppies have been brought out to be evaluated for herding instinct, temperament, and soundness.

For birthdays Birthday parties for dogs and people are regular occurrences. You can arrange to celebrate with all the students or rent the facility for your friends.

For agility or rally lessons Occasionally our instructors are available for private lessons or small classes. Linda keeps a waitlist.


I recently had the pleasure of holding my Dog, Kenobi’s first birthday at Ewe-topia.  Here is what I expected… I expected to be bored, as this was about the dogs, not me.  I expected to get muddy.  I expected it to only take about an hour (I was told that the dogs would go in the arena once each for about 10 minutes.), and I expected it to be somewhat disorganized.

Boy, was I wrong.  When I arrived, I first noticed the beautiful landscaping and scenery.  They wide open space that allowed the dogs to really run was fantastic, and we really had a great time (yes, the humans did too!)  Linda and Joe were so wonderful with the dogs.   They were very patient, and thorough in explaining everything they were doing, and how it affected the dogs.  I expected to be bored, but instead, I had a blast!  It was so cool watching my beloved pets in the ring with the sheep, chasing and herding them, and Kenobi did so good!  I thought for sure, he would nip and bite, but he was the perfect example of a beginner herder, and needed little coaching.  We all had a blast playing, and spending time together, and we had a picnic shortly afterwards, as the dogs relaxed. 

After all was said and done, all of the dogs received certificates showing they had herding instincts, and there was a big ceremony!  Thank you so much Joe and Linda, for allowing me to experience something so wonderful!  I look forward to coming back.  Judith Peele